Pre-Dental Shadowing Reflection

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When I signed up for this class I was a little tentative at first, I have never taken an online class before and this semester I am taking two. I am used to going to class two or three times a week and interacting with my classmates in a room along with getting assigned work each time. The past couple days has taken me a bit of time getting used to the format and planning when I need to work on this class. However, I found that once I got adjusted I have been doing quite well with keeping up on the work. Often times I needed to read several paragraphs a few more times to get a full understanding of what the author was stating. When is comes to the skills involved in this course I believe that I will be able to do my work well and learn much about Bioethics. I am a biology major, so I have learned how to take on challenging material and how I need to learn and contribute to the work. I am a pre-dental student with hopes to get…show more content…
Learning about health care will be interesting to me as well, especially with the affordable care act being very big in the news right now. I believe dental care is a basic need. The affordable care act is seen by some as a necessity and not by others. I would enjoy discussing this topic in class and how we as a class would view its necessity in society. I am also a big supported of women’s right and I look forward to learning more about these topics and having civil class discussions. I hope to learn more and get more perspective from classmates. I hope to apply what I learn as I continue to voice my beliefs in our community in a respectable way. I look forward to exercising my critical and analytical thinking in this class. In this first week I have been intellectually challenged by my professor and other classmates as they have asked thought provoking questions and I strive to attribute as
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