Pre-Eclampsia Case Study

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Pre-eclampsia a hypertensive disorders complicating pregnancy (HDP) is a major disease which seriously endangers the safety of mother and fetus during pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia affects approximately 2-8 per cent of pregnancies worldwide and is considered as the major cause of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality (14).Thus major efforts are being made to identify effective biomarkers for the risk assessment and disease management.
An ideal biomarker of pre-eclampsia is the one that would allow an accurate prediction during the first trimester as it offers a wide range for effective treatment that may help in complete recovery or reduce the severity of disease (15).
The preset study mainly focuses on biomarker Lipocalin-2 and
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The positive predictive value was 100%, negative predictive value was 100%, area under curve (AUC) was 1.0 and accuracy index was 100%. These results slightly differed, from those obtained by Sachan et al(17) who detected positive predictive value 98.58%, negative predictive value 90.63%, area under curve (AUC) was 95.72% and accuracy index was 97.11% at a cut-off value of 545ng/ml.
Serum Lipocalin 2 showed positive correlation with serum urea (r =0.309), serum creatinine (r=0.450) and proteinuria. Therefore Lipocalin2 might be considered a novel biomarker for early prediction of preeclampsia and also useful in assessment of disease severity. D’Anna et al (20) showed positive correlation of Lipocalin2 with the systolic, diastolic blood pressure and with proteinuria and considered Lipocalin2 a reliable biomarker for early prediction of
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Measurement of serum uric acid is recommended beside other biomarkers used in pre-eclampsia as it is of great diagnostic and prognostic value for fetus to assess the severity of morbidity, identifying those fetuses that are likely to have IUGR and high perinatal mortality. Additional studies involving larger populations are needed to further investigate the role of these biomarkers in the diagnosis and prediction of preeclampsia to avoid serious maternal complications and give the best possible chance of fetal

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