Iranian Pre-Islamic Culture

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Pre-Islamic Iranian culture and its effect on Islamic civilization and Arabic literature
Most of us think that Iranian pre-Islamic culture and literature was totally destroyed with the invasion of the Arabs and a new culture, separate from that of the past developed under the influence of Islamic culture. But, it seems implausible that the literature and culture of people with thousands of years of history could become totally ruined or transformed in such short period and “people would fall into ignorance and bewilderment, until they reenter the world of knowledge and literature, after a long time, with the aid of other elements, and in a different manner.” On the contrary, a quick look at the history of the first centuries after the entrance
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The fourth edition of The stories of an elevator operator, a collection of sociopolitical comedies written by Pouria Alami, was published by Morvarid Publications. Morvarid also published the second edition of another story collection of this writer, titled Wrong people.
The book includes comic pieces such as: elevator, a diplomat in the elevator, student flu in the elevator, Masoud Kimiayi in the elevator, Masoud Dehnamaki in the elevator, stonewalling in the elevator, debate in the elevator, Afshin Ghotbi in the elevator, the Cyrus Cylinder between elevator doors, donkey riding in the elevator, metaphysical soul-painting is operated in this elevator, a journalist and a mortuary assistant in the elevator, Bin Laden in the elevator, Ali Karimi in the elevator, temporary wife in the elevator, etc.
It is written on the back cover of the book: “I am the only elevator operator in the world who tells you the stories of his ups and
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Writing the history of Iran’s theatre is one of his major works. This novel is written for people above forty, but I suggest the youth to read it, so that they can see the years before the revolution and the incidents during and after that, such as war before their eyes. The events that happened in our country in these periods are portrayed fully portrayed for the readers of the novel.
The romantic theme, particularly an Eastern love, is salient in the novel. I believe that today’s youth must read this novel to become slightly familiar with their past. Unfortunately, people, and mostly the specialized readers in our society, tend to read translated books and neglect the Iranian books. Hence, I believe that Iranian books must be supported more. This is why I have proposed both an Iranian and a translated novel. Through reading Dream discoverer one can review Iran’s contemporary
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