Pre-K Child Observation

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Information was provided by Matthew’s mother, Lara Zylstra. Matthew lives with his parents and infant sister. English is the primary language spoken at home, although Matthew’s father, Dusan Golubovic, occasionally speaks in Serbian.

Matthew joined Haledon Public School in mid-May 2015 when he was classified as a preschool child with a disability. He is in a pre-K inclusion setting in the morning for two and a half hours each day, where he has the benefit of both a general education teacher, a special education teacher, and a teacher aide. His class is also made up of mostly typically developing peers. Matthew also receives speech/language therapy as a related service.

This is Matthew’s first school experience. Until now, Matthew had been at home and has no previous day care or school experience. In late March 2015, Matthew was evaluated through early intervention services because of suspected
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Clinton, Matthew’s special education teacher in his pre-K class, Matthew shows a number of relative strengths, notably in academic areas. He is able to identify upper case letters of the alphabet, which is at or above age-expectancy. He can identify several shapes and many colors, as well as the numbers 1-10. In motor areas, Matthew can copy horizontal and vertical lines and can copy a circle, showing age-level skills. Matthew is able to complete interlocking puzzles and when prompted, he can build simple block structures. Matthew is coordinated in walking and running.
In expressive language areas, with teacher prompts, Matthew is able to express his needs through simple sentences. Matthew is now able to verbally initiate some needs, e.g., “I want water.” Matthew has a personalized communications board, which helps him with temporal sequencing. Through both oral and visual demonstration, Matthew is working on increased understanding of the order of events with teacher prompts, i.e., “First we do x, then y, and then z [is the

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