Pre K Classroom Observation

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One of the teachers that effectively utilized each of those strategies was in a pre k classroom. In the morning the teacher would write an interactive morning message for the kids (Sanchez, Danielle D. “Planning for Positive Guidance: Powerful Interactions Make a Difference PG 9). After that, the kids were to put a puzzle together as a team. When a certain song came on, it was time to clean up the puzzle and get in line to brush teeth and wash your hands. After all those tasks were done, then the kids would go to the round carpet. Once the kids were all at the carpet they sang another song and then came back to sit to eat their breakfast. Songs and melodies add to the positive climate (Sanchez, Danielle D. “Planning for Positive Guidance:…show more content…
There was no clear rules or transitions for the kids to follow. The teacher would always change the room around and told the kids to sit where they wanted. Of course, the kids would sit with their friends. She always confused the kids on the arrival time due to not knowing where to sit in class. The tone of her math class was a mess the kids were all talking and sometimes would be waiting for her to come to the room. Smooth transitions into her room where let's go look out the window or look at the bearded dragon till she gets here. The kids never worked in a teamwork environment in her class. The kids did have to do a math homework every week for a grade. Although she made it fun for the kids. When the student got so far in the homework she had a reward. The reward was letting the student bring three friends to her room and eat with her during lunch. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, all the kids that did not have a computer at home to do the homework would also eat in her room. I feel that was her mistake because the kids got close to her and trusted her. They all became friends and not respecting her as a teacher. Her classroom did not run smoothly due to the fact she did not have clear
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