Pre-Nursing Career Aspirations

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My family is an essential part of who I am. Regardless of the hardships my parents experienced when leaving Oaxaca, Mexico, they wanted a change that would grant them a better outlook on life and new opportunities. In particular, my dad will always be my role model. He is always putting the needs of others before his own, and although he goes through many hardships to provide his family with essentials, a roof over our head, food on the table and clothes on our back, he is the reason I want to keep continuing with my studies. He taught me to give back to those that are going through difficulty, such as feeding the homeless, lending a hand and hosting events to the community, and it shows me that there are people out there that are selfless and willing to care for others. There are caring people that are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need of it.
The acts of kindness encouraged me to get involved and volunteer, I volunteered at our hospital Marian Regional Medical Center; greeting, navigating patients and visitors, running errands and preparing packets for the nurses are a few of the services provide through volunteering. Being surrounded in a hospital environment provided me with a great
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I am pursuing a career in the medical field because of my passion for helping others. Seeing people in need compels me to become a better person. The struggle my father went through inspires me to help people because I want to be the person that is able to provide the patient with a sense of comfort. I would like them to know that they are in the hands of a professional, and I will try to become the professional that they feel comfortable in putting their well-being in. I want to become someone that cares for the well-being for others as well as my own. I strive to live up to continuing my dreams to obtain a Bachelor Degree of Science in
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