Pre-Physical Therapy Personal Statement

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College is often regarded as a time of exploration, a time to discover interests and passions that ignite a desire to seek sagacity in a field that will alleviate the burdens of others and fulfill one’s self wholeheartedly. It is essential to me that my college career allows me to strive for educational excellence and moral enrichment simultaneously. Through the Pre-Physical Therapy track it will be my focus to obtain an education to help others as I have been helped in the past. Restoring movement and functionality to someone’s life is deeply connected to SPU’s vision, for the work that physical therapists do is equally as transformative for the therapist as it is to the patient. To ensure someone receives the treatment they need to carry out the life they want is paramount…show more content…
The confusion stems from a fear of the unknown or a hidden unwillingness. As a dancer there is a predisposition to look, behave, and internalize criticism in an abusive way. This skewed mentality is a fleeting connection to tradition that immobilizes the desire to look beyond the generational mindset. It was not until I had met a mentor that emphasized anatomical correctness and individual contentment that I was inspired to change my view on dance. When change and inspiration are intertwined, progress is expedited and personal growth materializes. This relationship motivates me to become an inspiration for others, because helping others heals your own wounds in the process.

Making positive connections and conveying inspiration to others is what has led me to Seattle Pacific University. After finding solace through physical therapy myself, I hope to earn the credentials that will allow me help others find emotional and mental security through physical stability. Generating change catalyzes growth, so with a new college experience in mind I am looking to gain both personal knowledge and a holistic approach to inspiring and informing
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