Pre-Practicum/Service-Learning Journal Analysis

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Reflect on your Pre-Practicum/Service-Learning Journal; compare and contrast how your beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes regarding community service and/or volunteerism have evolved. Looking back on what I experienced and learned at the Public Health Department, I now have a greater appreciation for what the is offered to the community. I did believe that this care was for the lower class of individuals in my community, but, this is primarily high-quality care for anyone who comes through the Health Department, with no issue for race, color of ethic background. I am thankful the government has these resources set in place for people in the community to allow people the opportunity for affordable care. I think in terms with knowing how to…show more content…
With service to the people in our community we define and practice the kind of person we want to become, and this reflection people will see the good in people naturally. I want to educate staff when someone has a reportable disease it should be reported to Infection Control Nurse, I want to teach nursing staff some of our patients who do not have insurance please send then to the Health Department, it is based on income, and that is for anyone who lives in the community. I would recommend anyone who plans to prepare for a family go to the Health Department for maternal planning the care is exceptional, and every child should have to go through the health department, their examinations is outstanding. It taught me insight of the history of Public health nursing on how far we have conquered obstacles and learned to use critical thinking to adjust to events or situations. The nursing profession is changing so fast and we must go further beyond our means of education to continue to grow as leaders in our community. Everything is changing so as nurse leaders we must change with this new era of health to live up to the expectation for the good of
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