The Importance Of Pre-Production

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Movie or a film and also called motion picture is a form of entertainment to all the audience that gives them enjoyment and a type of relief from their busy routine and duty. Some of them are very dedicated to the films as they forget about their surroundings. Movie plays an important role in human life as it contribute through civilization of modern era. There are three phases of production common to most professionally produced motion pictures. These are Preproduction phase , Production phase and Postproduction phase. In general, the Pre-production phase or also so called Pre-Pro stage is the first stage in movie making that encompasses all aspects of preparation that are performed before the camera starts to roll. Some aspects of…show more content…
Although large productions may employ many crew members in many different departments, there are only a few basic positions which are detailed in the production phase. Next stage is the casting stage. Normally a very experienced agency or casting will hired to do an audition to select talented person for the film. Main character may have been selected by produce or director of the film, but other supporting character will be selected by the casting crew. Lastly, the production will undergo another stage before the the production stage started that is costume design, location scouting and set design. Costume designer will take charge for designing and choosing the clothes that actor will wear. The location manager will choose the location where the film suitable to shot. Lastly, set designer will constructing sets where films looks exactly like in the script. The most important part is the pre-production as it covers 60 % from the actual production of a…show more content…
Consider some of the ways that it can be manipulated during production are Types of shots, types of angles, lens choice, movement and lighting. There are four basic shot types that are based on the apparent proximity of the subject that is Long shot ,Full Shot ,Medium shot and Close up shot. There are three basic types of angles which refer to the position of the frame with respect to the subject within the frame. High Angle ,Low Angle ,Straight-On Angle are the three basic type of angles. As by lens, the only function of a lens is to focus the light that is either projected or reflected from the surrounding environment onto the focal plane of the film. However, lenses come in a variety of focal-lengths which make the depicted scene appear at different distances. There are three basic types of lenses;Telephoto lens (a “long” lens) ,Wide angle lens (a “short” lens) ,Normal lens and Zoom lens. Lastly, Camera movement guides the perspective of the spectator and causes him/her to attend to those events and features which are most important to the narrative and aesthetic of the film. There are seven basic forms of camera movement such as Panning ,Tilting ,Tracking, Trucking ,Booming ,Crane and

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