On-The-Job Training Observation

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The observation phase is very essential, not only for pre-service teachers, but for all that will be in an on-the-job training program. There are things to consider during observation. These are: students’ attitude, classroom setting, classroom setup, conduciveness to learning, the cooperating teacher, and the way your cooperating teacher acts, the way his/her students react. It is not advisable to just watch an actual teaching and call it observation. Thus, we need to list all the needed adjustments that you should have whenever it’s your time to be the one in front. I started the observation on the first day of our student training program, the principal; Mrs. Milagros A. Marquina assigned me under Mrs. Jeamelee A. Laureles so I observed…show more content…
I was amazed with the things that she was doing to make the students’ attention kept on her and to make them enjoy the class. I was also amazed on how she created an environment wherein everyone else was happy but easy to be disciplined. On the first day of my observation, she used small group activity and in each group, there is a leader to initiate on what to do. During the activity there were noises that come from each group. Their voice were loud but not so much, not until there were shouting students; after my cooperating teacher heard that, she then reminded the students about being quiet even though they were discussing. She also told me that it is normal that during discussion some noise will be heard and you should know when to butt in and make them silent. Comparing each of the class, I could say that the grade 9 – C Mahogany are those that have the most number of intelligent and active students in the subject Mathematics. However, their attitudes are not that good compared to other sections. The students of grade 9 – C Mahogany’s voices were naturally loud even though they were just discussing in group activities; even though they have a noisy environment in class the output is satisfying when it comes to reporting and
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