Precaution Essay: The Dangers Of Railroad Jumping

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More people each year get driver's licenses. However, that also means that every year more people are at risk of getting hurt at railroad crossings. Railroad crossings can be very dangerous and you have to take many precautions because of that. Some of these precautions include: slowing down when you come to a railroad crossing, for safety, don’t park closer than 50 feet from a railroad crossing, and do not ever drive through, around, or under any crossing gate or barrier at a railroad crossing while they are down or being opened or closed. Those are just a couple out of many, many precautions that you should take at railroad crossings so that you can be safe. If for some reason don’t know where a railroad crossing is or what to do at a railroad crossing don’t…show more content…
You have to listen and make sure no trains are coming and only cross when you know for sure it is safe to go over. *never shift the school buses gears on a railroad crossing* Lastly, when driving a big truck carrying hazardous vehicles there is also precautions you should take. These include you having to stop at all railroad crossings, don’t shift on railroad tracks and if you can try and take a different route if the railroads red lights are flashing. There are a few tips you can use to make sure that you are taking the very most precautions you can at railroad crossings. Always expect a train on any track even if it looks like there is not one. Trains do not go on fixed schedules and can be running at any time of day. Secondly, if your vehicle starts to stall on a track get everyone out of the car and off the railroad tracks. If a train happens to be coming run towards the train at an angle so you can get off the tracks, but you most likely won’t get hit by debris. However, if there is no train in sight try and push the car out of the way. Lastly, no matter what, never, ever, drive around the gates. If the gates are down stay behind

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