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Sometime no matter what you say or do to another person, working with them seems practically unreasonable. Not all nurses have personality nor the desire precepting new graduates. Amy who are wanted to realize her dream of becoming part of the Emergency Department team a preceptor with good communication skills can be a positive role model to new graduates and make transition easy. As preceptor nurse, you have a power to set an example not only in skills, but also standards of professional and personal behavior. Communication between Amy and her preceptor is number one the conflict avoidance. Communication between two people seems reasonably simple, but might not in this case. Some barriers to good communication between Amy and her preceptor exist. This case demonstrate that preceptor nurse wants attention only to her and…show more content…
I really want to hear the preceptor story and what is in her mind. Heard her thoughts about Amy’s learning process and how she gets along with others might help to understand this conflict. Once I gained this self-knowledge, then I can help Amy address this issue as smoothly possible. To be a preceptor nurse need to learn how to precept. If you are preceptor Amy has to follow, and not become your shadow. As preceptor nurse impact, someone life in positive away is a big responsibility because you need to find what factors motivate new nurse and through the communication find out method of training for example, visually or verbally. But really first step is identified if the nurse truly wants to become a mentor using a self-knowledge of own attitude, beliefs and biases. In my opinion, the other second shift RNs I am not include in this situation, except for continue precepting Amy at the end of the oriented period. I will propose one of the second shift RNs preceptor assignment who has most nurse preceptor skills to help Amy accomplish her goal in Emergency

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