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Claireece Precious Jones is a morbidly obese sixteen years old African American female child from Harlem, who has suffered from gross parental maltreatment throughout her entire life. First we will look at how Traumatic experiences are inherently complex. Claireece has suffered from a several different types of abuse, which include sexual, physical, physiological/Emotional and neglect. Claireece has two children as the result of sexual abuse of her father Carl. This level of profound child abuse by Claireece’s parents left no domain of trauma unscathed because the degree of complexity increased in this cases over time because of multiple, recurrent and additional trauma exposure. The first noted case of sexual abuse began when Carl engaged…show more content…
As a result of her exposure to trauma, it appears that Precious suffered from a dissociative disorder. This condition disrupted her awareness and perception of self. When stressors became unbearable, Precious would ascend into an alternate reality and return when circumstances became safer. An example of Precious’s distorted self image is the fact that her vision of perfect self was that of a young blond white girl. She often slipped into an alternate reality where she was adored and one in which her mother saw her as something more than an object. Yet another example of the wide ranch of reactions includes Precious abuse of food. Precious’s life was in chaos. Chaos in which she did not cause and had little power to change, yet there was something she did have power over, her eating. Due to the many negative events that had occurred in Precious’s life she was unable to develop healthy peer relationships and had poor emotional regulation. Healthy emotional cognitive mile stones passed without Precious making any significant progress of her own. Her consumption of food met two important needs in her life. It gave her a sense of efficacy and a sense of much longed for comfort

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