Precious Movie Analysis

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It 's hard to be black in the USA, not only the division that has been. A childhood with rape by her father and violence of her own mother everyday. That is the childhood Precious grew up with, the battle to feel good and get acclaim from her mother, it 's all she needs. The film Precious is produced in 2009, precious is a film directed by Lee Daniels, and it’s made in the USA. The film Precious is a dramatic film about the girl Clareece Precious Jones, an overweight, illiterate teenager, who is pregnant with her second child. The first Precious thinks in the movie is "I wish I had a white boyfriend with nice hair”, “I will be the cover model and appear in a music video” Precious have many dreams, she is dreaming about a good life. One of the first things where you get an impression of the Precious and her mother don’t have a particularly good relationship with each other. One of Precious dreams is also to be a dancer, but her mother destroys her dream by saying that no one will look at her big ass. Precious is 16 years old and going to 10th grade, she already have a child named Mongo, she have downs syndrome. Precious dad is also the father to Precious child, Mongo. Mongo lives with Precious grand mom. We get the knowledge that Precious is pregnant with her second child, as the headmaster of her school finds out that she is pregnant again, she gets expelled of the school. Precious live alone with her mother because her father had abandoned them. Precious mother
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