Precious Movie Psychology

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There are more than a few reasons to see the movie Precious. I have not seen this movie in about six years. Luckily for me, Precious is part of my large movie collection at home. The thing that strikes me is, there are few movies that rarely destroy and uplift you while watching. For some, it may be shocking, and it is a movie that could leave you emotionally spent. This movie is set in Harlem 1987, and it follows an illiterate, super overweight, African American teenager who is a victim of incest. Among other things, it is a story of perseverance, pure survival, and hope. It also gives us a real look at REAL issues, like child abuse, low self-esteem, eating problems, and a broken family structure. Presenting Concerns Precious suffers from…show more content…
Followed also with re-experiencing the event, social withdrawal, self-blame, depression, and low self-esteem. Healing from the trauma that comes from being raped is a slow process, but I think you can eventually heal from it. Now, that is not to say you can forget the rape, but rather make things a bit easier for the victim to deal with. I think if Precious was a client of mine, few goals we could focus on is helping her deal with PTSD, depression, self-esteem, and anxiety. Perhaps after that, giving her a plan to start focusing on her diet and physical health. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Prolonged Exposure have garnered the most support with this population (Resick & Schnicke, 2012). The CBT treatment would focus on addressing the adverse thoughts about the event and show how they affect Precious feelings and behavior. This could address the self-blame Precious thinks about and replace those negative thoughts in hopes of becoming positive, which would change her feelings and behaviors. The benefits of the Exposure treatment, is that I could teach Precious, in a safe and open setting, new coping techniques. For example, deep breathing and relaxation before asking her to remember the event in as much detail as possible. The goal with this treatment is that hopefully, overtime, the memories of her father raping her will have less control over her
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