Precious Push Summary

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Precious’ Push Today’s report is based on a book, for that book's name is “Push”. “Push” is scribed by the pen name Sapphire. (Sapphire’s real name is Ramona Lofton.) “Push” is located under the genre of fiction. (Although, this book is a reality for multitudinous teens.) The setting of “Push” is in the city of Harlem, New York. ( As we note that the setting takes place in a violent, crime raged city.) The time would be set in 1987. ( As we note, the story starts on September 24,1987.) Therefore we have met the basis of what is needed to know before opening this piece of literature and devouring it with our mind. Our first main character that we will be focusing on is, Precious. Her full name is, Claireece Precious Jones. (As stated in the book in numerous instances. Claireece or Precious, also states to peers to call her Precious. Which is due to her own preference.) She is also sixteen. Precious’ personality is quite eccentric and is changing throughout the variety of changes throughout the novel. Precious has a angry tone or…show more content…
Where she is basically forced to go, otherwise she loses her money from the welfare department. Ms. Jones tells Precious about her father and his recent death. He had died of Hiv-Aids. Precious was tested for the disease and as well as her children. (Whom she had just had just had a baby boy born to the name Abdul.) The two children didn’t have Hiv-Aids, for her test confirmed she has contracted the disease from her father’s repeated rape and molestation acts. After realizing from talks and help with her abuse from Ms.Rain, she wonders if getting an apartment, a boyfriend,and other items would suit her after dealing with this situation. She was trying to reclaim her life and realize the positives in order to continue down the path of pushing to fight with her classmates to earn what they wanted. An education, to make their situations
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