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Push A fictional novel about the life of a 16 year old teen mom struggling to live through her terrible past of being raped by her father, and abusive mother. Push is a novel written by Sapphire and was published in 1996.

Abusing a child is never an option. Yet why does it still happen? “Mama slap me. Hard. [S]he pick up the cast-iron and hit me. […] Then she kick me in ribs” (Sapphire, 19). This quote was taken when Precious, born Claireece Precious Jones, was being abused by her vicious mother three months after her first child was born at the age of 10 for ruining her life and taking her boyfriend, who is Precious’ father, away from her. Her mother also goes on to abuse Precious about how she is ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ and that there is

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