Precious Reflective Essay

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The clip I used came from the movie Precious . The scene takes place while Monique and precious was in a

session with Ms.Whyce.
In this scene Monique and Ms.Whyce gave Monique contact for the most part time. The mother eyes would change to wide squinty, and watery when she started to talk about her past. Ms.Whyce eye contact did break when she would look a precious than the mother than look at precious again. Also it broke when she turned her head slightly and put her head down after the mother said “Who was supposed to love me ….” .
Voice quality:
Monique was hesitant with telling part of her story. Monique started using foul language when she felt as though Ms. White was judging her …. And you sitting up there trying to judge me” “, when she got offended she started to use foul language, Ms.Whyce had to change the tone of her voice when the atmosphere in the room had change.
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Monique would speak with her hands while describing the abuse of her child. The first initiative of a shift changed was when Monique ws speaking with Ms. Whyce in the beginning of the session.. “when you sitting up there judging me” . Ms. Whyce stared to point her finger with her pen in her hand at Monique. Monique starts to nod her head “who was supposed to love me”. Precious in this scene was also crying, and nodding her head to the words her mother said.
The listener want to know about the acts about the sexual, physical abuse to precious.
The key word in the person communication:
Ms.Whyce: You allow your boyfriend to abuse your
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