Precise Harvest Case Study

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Key challenges and issue that faced by the Precise Harvest on the company customer services.
1. Lead time of import raw material from origin country is too long.
The important issue of raw material from foreign country seems to be an issue to the company; this is because the material uses by the company are not available in Malaysia. Although the time to import raw material has been shorten compared to last time but the flow of the materials from foreign country still take about 6 to 10 weeks. This is quite a major issue as some of the orders from customer had to be in a specific period time. The company may not able to deliver their product just-in-time for the customer. When they import materials from Switzerland, there
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In Europe, their label cost is higher than Malaysia because they need to charge the cost of import/ export. But the quality couldn’t attain the international company’s requirement. Thus, this company just request on their product quality because the cost is lower than the international company, they hope that their quality of product will be the same as with the international company. Previously, Precise Harvest got the chance to cooperate with the country such as Japan, German, America, Taiwan, Thailand and China. It is because the international company doesn’t have any branches or factory and a fabrication team in Malaysia and the cost are much lower. The recommendation for the international company to solve this problem is to cooperate with Precise Harvest. Hence, Precise Harvest can help to reduce the cost of international company and take order and produce according requirements from the international company. In addition, the international company assume that the image of Precise Harvest is not very good because the international company believe that quality of product and technical skill of worker in Europe is better than Malaysia. In fact, Precise Harvest always produces the best for their customers to show to the international company that their quality product and technical skill of workers is equally the same as Europe. In order to gain trust and also future business partnership, Precise Harvest will
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