Fast Food Industry Case Study

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3. Predictability – is responsible here for the system of all the process that is happening on a daily basis in the fast food industry. After some time, everyone should have the same skill in calculating and predicting the time or the content of the process. People need to know what to expect, no matter what time it is and no matter where they are. For that reason, McDonalds as every other fast food restaurant serves the same despite some cultural changes in every country. So once customers’ orders a cheeseburger, he knows exactly what taste and size he will have. All this industry is based on predictability.
Even the employees at this industry, behave all the same. They follow the same corporate rules, and there is nothing to change. Again,
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We still can’t say that this process influences people in a good way, or lead them to take healthier or better actions, however, it works in a positive way for their unconscious perception. For example, since the fast food industry increased so much, there is an increase in availability of services and goods around all different parts of the world. The range is also wider. People get what they want almost immediately; now this way is easier, faster and more convenient. There are even economical ways in this industry of McDonaldization process. People can afford what they could not afford before, and still be in trend, which is important for their social life. Quantification also lets people to compare the products. One more important fact, is that there is no discrimination, people with a different race, different religion, nationality, social class will be treated the same, and this is what they like. Technological advancements are also easier to adapt once they are a part of operating detail in such huge…show more content…
It is a very special global social type trend and in terms of its global impact, it makes a global change. McDonalds is trying to standardize parts of the world in other words it is a globalizing force. There are two different terms for globalization: globalization of nothing or ‘glocalization’ of something. In case of globalization of nothing, the fast food chain is trying to come up with the same products, and offer exactly the same services and force people to choose it. As a result, it is spread on a global scale, but if there is a huge supply of it, then there is no transformation, It is the same with souvenir shops in a tourist place, when there are too many of them, most of them are empty. So, to make this work, there is glolicalization of something. And that’s what McDonald’s does. It is mass-produced but sold locally, basically they are trying to adapt for every market they enter. Even though the main products remain the same, they are still trying to personalize menus for the market, because then the population easier perceives McdDnaldization
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