Predicting American Economy In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged

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Ayn Rand and her novel Atlas Shrugged almost fully predict the American economic and social ideals that are happening in modern times. Rand foresees the gradual collapse of the American Economy that has happened in 2008 and is now predicted to happen once again in 2016. She too envisages the type of people that arise from the economic crisis such as the hard working free thinkers, and the sheep that follow in today’s society. Ayn Rand also portrays the ideal that no one can answer the most rhetorical questions of today’s society with the phrase “Who is John Galt?”. This phrase is similar to some that are said today that represent the hopelessness and despair of the failing American society. Atlas Shrugged begins with the event of a gradual…show more content…
This led to a recession that lasted several years. The recession caused many Americans to be homeless and jobless. For almost 8 years, America has not seen another collapse in the economy until early 2013 when stocks began to decline and bonds were losing value. The article “Is The U.S. Economy Going to Crash This Year?” by Ky Trang Ho gives insight from financial experts that are predicting a major financial down fall in 2016. “They contended the economic recovery since 2009 has been fabricated by massive government debt and money printing, also known as quantitative easing. The mountains of money created out of thin air will skyrocket inflation, which will eventually cripple the economy.” In the American society today, this is how the economy is predicted to be heading for collapse based on the amount of inflation and government debt. In Atlas shrugged however, the economic collapse is portrayed by the events that occur such as the small businesses being closed and unemployment rates rising. Both portray the idea that not only is the economy collapsing, but as is American prosperity as the brilliant thinkers and free spirts begin to disappear from society due to economic
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