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Abstract The existence of clouds in the sky has a great impact, as presence of clouds contains useful information for prediction of rainfall. Rain is the essential part of our eco system and it is responsible for most of the fresh water on the Earth. The rainfall plays a vital role for the balancing the heat ratio of Earth as well as water for hydroelectric power plants and crop
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Earlier prediction of rainfall was done by traditional means when technology was not developed. Later, with the development of various technologies prediction of rainfall became an easier and accurate way by studying different types of cloud image. Prediction of rainfall is possible by cloud images which may be either digital/satellite image. Prediction of rainfall can provide us with various pros and cons directly or indirectly hampering living beings on Earth. Early prediction of rainfall can provide us to preparedness of various disasters. But accurately forecasting of rainfall is complex as the clouds keep on changing. Clouds keep on changing depending upon different seasons. Prediction of rainfall can be done during the monsoon season where we may get the required result. As, previous work done, it is known that the rainfall clouds are the Nimbostratus and Cumulonimbus .Clouds like Cumulus can produce rain at very rare chance. Till now many scholars…show more content…
To accurately predict rainfall, the cloud status and sky status must be known. Previously many techniques of image processing have been carried out successfully. Image processing techniques can be used to measure the cloud, sky, rain status. Rainfall being an important part of agriculture helps in productivity of various vegetables, fruit, flowers etc. Some of the products of flower, crop, and vegetables are exported. Crops like rice, corn are grown in heavy rainfall area. Rainfall prediction is needed so that no damages occur to living beings, crops, land etc. If prediction is done accurately it can save many lives which may occur due to floods. Rainfall prediction is necessary to determine how much of the moisture is available for agriculture and how much of them have been run off to the rivers and streams. However, in excess rainfall may cause damages to agriculture moisture which may be carried out by the rainfall to the streams or rivers. As a result of which floods from the rivers and streams may cause damages to roads, and loss of various sediment and chemicals. Observation of rainfall is needed to know the amount of moisture present in soil, drought and flood conditions. Effective and accurate prediction of rainfall is necessary to prepare for floods and agriculture. Traditionally, various measures have been used to predict rainfall. Prediction of rainfall becomes a harder because the status of

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