Predictive Business Intelligence Case Study

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1. About State Bank of India
State Bank of India (SBI) is an Indian and also multinational, public sector banking company in the BSFI sector.
State Bank of India is India’s largest bank and a Fortune 500 company. It ranked 23rd in the Fortune Global 500 corporations as of 2016. State Bank of India has Rs.26 trillion business size and also has a wide network of 15,800 branches spread across India. It has about 190 foreign branches with about 43,500 ATMs serving around almost 22 crore customers.
The employee strength of State Bank of India as of 2017 is 209,567 employees across the globe.
State Bank of India is actively involved since 1973 and is a non-profit activity and also falls under the Community Services Banking.
The State Bank of Bikaner
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Private Banking
7. Asset Management
8. Wealth Management
9. Credit Cards.
10. International
11. Government Business
12. Interest Rates

2. What is Predictive Business Intelligence and how is State Bank of India adapting it?

Predictive Business Intelligence is a part of Artificial Intelligence and is related to the use of advanced analytics in business.
In predictive Business model the data is taken from various customers and specially customized for each of them. It is a very important tool in the business. The Customer Time Value concept (CLTV) enables bank to identify the high potential customers for product recommendations, to deliver personalised offers and also for engagement.

The benefits offered by PBI are as follows: 1. Cost Effective
It’s a tool that even the small and the mid-size organization can afford
2. Improves Relationship with Customers
As this tool takes into consideration the individual feedback of the customers it helps to improve the customer relationships.
3. Considers all levels
This tool considers all levels of management starting from the top to middle and the low level of management.
4. Products which are in favour
This tool also helps find out which amongst all products are the most in
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As the predictive business intelligence concept is coming into the business now, it is important for any business to adapt it. State Bank of India is hoping that the Predictive and Prescriptive models will soon be made part of the banking process.
As seen above State Bank of India thinks that this concept of Predictive Business Intelligence will help the bank grow in the industry and also will make the work easier. It will also benefit the customer relationship.

“Culture eats Strategy for business”
This quote means that no new strategy will be formulated unless there is a change in the culture.
Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, Deputy Managing Director of State Bank of India, says that in order for the change management to be successful three things should be in sync with each other All of the 3 should be in the same speed and should sync with each other to make this technological change successful. Even if one of them is not in sync it will lead to a slow change.

State Bank of India is also recruiting employees from the IT background so that these employees can help State Bank of India with the change. From past 2-3 years a total of 700-8—employees have been
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