Preface To Major Barbara By George Bernard Shaw

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Summary of Preface to Major Barbara George Bernard Shaw writes prefaces to his works for the readers , some of these as with Major Barbara comments directly on the ideas in the play. He attacks in First Aid to Critics a group of critics who sought to prove that his ideas were not original. According to them , his thoughts were merely imitations of foreign philosophies. Those critics said that Shaw mimics Schopenhauer, Nietzsche , Ibsen , Tolstoy , or other philosophies among Europe. Shaw replies in the preface that he is influenced by British writers more than foreign writers and he quotes authors as Charles Lever and such groups as the Fabian Socialists. Shaw believes that " A man can no more be completely original in that sense a tree can grow out of air". In this , Shaw divided the preface into sections in which he commented his ideas of Major Barbara. In the first section, Shaw comments in " The Gospel of St. Andrew Undershaft". Shaw supports Undershaft 's view of poverty, that indeed is the greatest evils and the worst of all crimes. Shaw excuses a poor working man who would do a crime in order to feed his children while rich people over feed their animals. According to Shaw, this unjust division of riches raises the average of warrantable crimes. Shaw wants many things from government to redistribute wealth which are : 1) "legal minimum wages", 2)"old age pensions" , 3) " universal pensions for life". The government should provide people sort of works so
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