Preferred Counseling: Humanistic-Psychodynamic Approach

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Preferred Counseling Techniques As a counselor, I would perfer techniques such as motivational interviewing (MI), self-disclosure, reframing, cognitive restructuring and modeling. These techniques are familiar to those counselors who agree with the humanistic approach. My preferred techniques would be those based on humanistic-phenomenological approaches, such as Cognigive-Behavioral and Person-Centered. Below are descriptions my perferred counseling techniques: Motivational Interviewing. Motivational Interviewing and Self-Disclosure are those based on the humanistic approach. Carl Rogers is famous for his humanistic approach, Person-Centered. Motivational Interviewing would be my top preferred technique to use. The use of Motivational…show more content…
This is why the first step to a successful counseling session is establishing a theraputic realtionship with clients. Both the counselor and client can have desired and expected results of counseling. A counselor may want several results for him/herself as well as for the client. An example of this would be a counselor wanting to achieve using a technique appropriately and seeing the client improve from it. However, a counselor’s personal desire may negatively efffect counseling if done unethically and inappropriately. Because of this, focus is placed on desired results of counseling as a whole, from both the counselor and client…show more content…
As a counselor in training, I feel that I am aware of my personal perspective on both subjects; however, I am mindful that as I continue to learn, train, and develop there may be additional perspectives I come in line with. There is no doubt that as a counselor, I will focus on clients as a whole and develop a relationship with them by being empathetic, caring, honest, and respectful. I have a understanding that an individual’s thought process play major roles in the development of human nature, behaviors, and perceptions of certain situaton. As a counselor I wish to assist client into thinking more positively no matter what comes their way, and use technqiues that will help clients develop intrinsic motivation to want to change and
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