Pregnancy In Opiate Addicts Essay

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Pregnancy in opiate addicts is something medical professionals must be notified of when you enter rehab. This is because you 'll need a different type of treatment than someone who isn 't pregnant would receive. This doesn 't make pregnancy among substance abusers any less significant of a problem. Why Less Treatment Prevails for Pregnancy in Opiate Addicts Unfortunately, there are less treatment options when you 're pregnant and abusing opiates. At the same time, it 's also true that less women than men enter addiction treatment to begin with. Some of the reasons for this include: Pregnancy in opiate addicts is particularly difficult because of the social stigma and lack of support that comes with it. Socioeconomic factors are often more…show more content…
This is especially true when motivational interviewing (MI) was used. MI is a compassionate, nonjudgmental and gentle way of helping addicts see they have a problem. It 's important that MI occur in an inpatient rehab. Pregnang opiate users should never try to get clean without having the proper medical supervision in place. This is because detoxification places your unborn child at risk and can even cause their death when not done properly. Doctors specially trained in helping opiate addicted females get clean have access to opioid replacement medications. They 'll use things such as methadone to help you get clean without harming your unborn baby. Unfortunately, relapse rates still remain high. Seeking help for you and your unborn child is only the first step down a long road of living without self-medicating yourself. Pregnancy in opiate addicts is definitely a really serious issue. If you 're not ready to get clean and stay clean for yourself, do it for your unborn baby. They deserve a healthy mom and a good chance for a
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