Pregnancy Informative Speech

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First things first, congratulations on being pregnant! You deserve to be congratulated because it’s awesome that you are carrying another human being inside you. Every week that your body changes results to what people might call melodramatic reactions. You know it’s normal but you still can’t help but feel sensitive about everybody’s impression about you. You become worried about your physical and psychological states. Not to mention the added things that you should carefully think about like baby names, pregnancy health and care, which foods are safe to eat, and your baby’s movements. You are able to deal with everything despite of all the changes that are happening to you while thinking about more changes that will occur when your baby is born. If that isn’t awesome, we don’t know what is!
To take your mind off of overly stressing about your current awesome situation, listed below are awesome pregnancy facts coupled with awesome infographic for the awesome person that you are. Is hearing the word awesome starting to sink in? Are you realizing that such an adjective befits you? Continue reading and be amazed at these pregnancy facts that are well presented via infographic.
1) Babies can also cry while they’re still inside the womb. You just can’t hear them because of all the amniotic fluid inside that muffles the sound. Think of it as having an internal sound proofing.
2) A baby’s fingerprints start to form and develop within the first trimester. This is one of the most
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