Pregnant Girl Eglewogbe Abortion Analysis

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In this text, Eglewogbe sought to present a key moral puzzle about pregnancy and abortions concerning a girl who becomes pregnant under ‘influence’. She is in an inner struggle as she suffers guilt and mental suffering. Thus, she is faced with the dilemma of whether to keep the pregnancy or abort it. Her dilemma can be interrogated on two fronts; the moral argument and the social argument. The social argument involves her having an abortion to maintain the status quo and saving her face in the society whilst the moral argument represents her religious views about abortions. She unsuccessfully tried to get abortion pills from the pharmacist but in the end, she committed the abortion after receiving abortion drugs illegally from the alleys at an exorbitant price. The abortion constitutes a moral question because it definitely affect the wellbeing of the unborn child. Also, it presents a moral puzzle because the actions of the mother(abortions) affects the unborn child negatively by either causing some deformity and disability to the unborn child or…show more content…
She is in a state of mental suffering and is faced with the dilemma of aborting the pregnancy or keeping it. In order to maintain the status quo, she decides to abort the pregnancy. After failing to get abortion drugs from the pharmacist, she finally got the drugs from the alley at an exorbitant price. The Unborn Child: The main center of controversy in the text. The unborn child future is in a dilemma earlier on in the text as the mother contemplate whether to maintain the pregnancy or abort it. Some might argue that the unborn child is human and have rights that must be respected.
The Pharmacist: A key player in the plot of the text, the pharmacist refused medication to the pregnant young girl because she did not have a prescription. She emphasized on obeying the law to latter.
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