Prehistory In The Philippines

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1.History vs. Prehistory A. Prehistory is the time in the past where people knew no kind of writing. Due to the fact that no one had any idea of what writing is, no written record of events was evident during that part of our past. We could say we can not clarify prehistory because again, we do not have written accounts of how the people are in that particular era. In the study of prehistory, most ideas that we consider as fact today did not come directly from those who experienced this part of the past, but from the conclusions made from studying artifacts that are believed to exist at a certain period of time in the past. In shorter terms, prehistory refers to the time from the beginning of the universe until before the people learned how…show more content…
But the indios did not think that way. For them, the important part to note in Philippine history were its precolonial, colonial and post-colonial periods. So instead of having only two periods another epoch was added. This view is now called the tripartite view where the situation of the Philippines are compared during those times. It did not just want to contradict that there were only two notable parts of the Philippines but it in some ways wanted to instill that we already have something of our own even before the Spanish. C. In the bipartite view, the Spanish believed that they were the force that lifted the Philippines from being nothing. They view the natives as barbaric, uncivilized, and uneducated before they came and that those characteristics changed with their help. Its main emphasis is to say that without Spain the Philippines would stay in its state of nothings, which we know now as untrue. Before them for, we already have a civilization that was known not just by its own people but the neighboring places that it had maintain healthy trading relations

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