Prei Shenoy Short Story

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Abstract: Among the modern Indian writers in English, Preeti Shenoy occupies a unique place for the diversity of presentation of plots, themes, characters and situations in her novels. Her main feature as a writer is her ability to deal with relationships related issues in her novels, which is always a hot topic to debate on. She has added a new dimension and marvellous flavour to the contemporary Indian English fiction. She has secured a unique and significant place as she aims at her innovative thematic concerns and deals in her fiction with relationship and its complications.

Key Words: Modernism

Introduction: Preeti Shenoy is an Indian author. Consistently nominated for the Forbes List of the 100 most influential celebrities of India
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Life seems to be sailing smooth for Ankita until one fine day when she is admitted to a mental hospital. Life suddenly snatches everything that Ankita had in her world in a cruel twist of fate. How did things change so badly? How will Ankita take this sudden blow of destiny? Will she survive it? Will she ever be able to live a normal life?
A love story at heart, this tale of unconquerable human spirit shows how Ankita does not succumb to her destiny and decides to fight back. It is an inspiring and moving account of determination and faith as Ankita challenges what destiny throws at her. It is a story that makes the reader question the very concepts of sanities and teaches the fact that life is what one makes of it. Moreover, the simple language and narration of Life Is What You Make It emphasizes that problems are never permanent and it is one’s spirit that can carve the path to one’s

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