Prejudice Against African American Argumentative Essay

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Prejudice Against African Americans Argumentative Essay In To Kill A Mockingbird, there is an inherent prejudice against African Americans, which is discussed by Harper E. Lee. This is still present in modern day society. On a micro level, To Kill A Mockingbird shows discrimination through Tom Robinson an African American man having his word of less value, than two Caucasian people in court . And Scout saying “nigger” without thinking, showing her internal prejudice. Also in a macro level, discrimination against African Americans occurs in their economic status, police brutality and the Black Live Matter movement. These two main points show that in the past and present there is still prejudice against African Americans. Whereupon, these points also show that history is repeating itself just in different situations. Prejudice against African Americans was shown through To Kill A Mockingbird in the past and in the present. Harper E. Lee gave multiple…show more content…
Moreover, they also have guiding principles, which are that no matter your age, race, sexual orientation or beliefs everyone can legitimately fight for equality. Furthermore, the group, also has a mission to educate all ethnicities/nationalities of the horrific acts that are brought upon African Americans and to show it through it through statistics. For instance according to the group 2.8 million African Americans are in jail today. While another statistic the group provides is that 500,00 African Americans are undocumented immigrants being degraded to lower position jobs. Both statistics explain how African Americans are segregated and mistreated in American society. To wrap up, police brutality and economic disruption are a plague towards African Americans today. However Black Lives Matter is combating that with political/institutional policies to create
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