Prejudice Against Racism In Schools

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the school. The little rock nine were yelled at and spit on. The black community were also against this change at first. They feared for the safety of the children going to that school. They didn’t want them to be killed for getting an education in an all-white school. You would be sent to jail if you went into a segregated area that was not your own. They were really brave for going into that school knowing that so many people were against it. Now racism still exists but it is different. There are now laws set up to protect minorities from discrimination. Even though there are laws set up people still have freedom of speech. People still kill and hurt people because of their race. Racist groups are allowed to gather and say hateful things together in public places. The KKK holds a gathering every year in downtown Cleveland. Even though what they are saying is not nice they still have the right to free speech. After 9/11 Muslims were now being targeted. During 9/11 terrorist killed over two thousand innocent civilians. People were angry and started to stereotype all Muslims…show more content…
The promote racism and think it is ok to hurt people because of their race. They also believe that their race is better than another. I just want those people to know that is not ok to say hurtful things to other people. Nobody deserves to die because they are not a certain skin color, or aren’t a part of a certain religion. We all are people and deserve to live peacefully in America without thinking that someone is going to kill them. Minorities shouldn’t be afraid to get pulled over by the police because maybe they might hurt or kill them. Black men should be able to walk around in this country without people thinking that they are in a gang, criminals, or that they are going to hurt them. Hispanics shouldn’t have to deal with people like Donald Trump saying on national television that they are drug dealers and
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