Prejudice And Discrimination: Documentary Analysis

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Prejudice is the prejudgement, or superficial judgement, about a particular group of people. Prejudice seems to have a foundation built on three things group formation, ethnocentrism, and stereotypes. Discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person or group solely on the basis of their group membership. In week seven we read chapter seven of the Human Relations textbook by Hamilton tackling the causes, effects, and remedies of these problems. There is a difference between these two prejudice being the preconception, discrimination being the action. Age, sex, sex, religion, gender, and nationality are targets for prejudice and discrimination anything that is in the addressing model (Nieto) could be targeted. One thing that is targeted worse than anything else is race.…show more content…
In week 7 we watched a documentary in class titled the 13th. A documentary about how discrimination and prejudice was used to harm people of color mainly people of African descent. The three foundations of prejudice are mentioned in the documentary. The first one is group formation. Group formation goes into the social identity theory which is the idea that, in our efforts to maintain positive self-esteem, we may develop bias that favors our own groups over other groups. This is shown with segregation divided schools, housing areas, community, even drinking fountains all between two groups whites and blacks. The second part of the foundation is ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is our tendency to see the world through the lenses of our own culture. This is more appropriate in modern time where some Americans show inflexible ethnocentrism judging others as wrong simply because they are different. This is shown through how Americans feel towards

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