Prejudice And Discrimination In Ayn Rand's The Help

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In my opinion, one of the most important aspects that the book covers is the inequality. This is evident where blacks and the whites have separate bathrooms to use and white families would have these bathrooms at the back of their house after building sheds. However, this book was not just about bathrooms and sheds, it soley focuses on the discrimination of black people which provokes you to open your eyes and percieve the world around you in a different way. In our modern day era there are still cases of racial discrimination here and there, as today we are judging people from the outside by judging how they look, how they dress, how they talk and walk and how they act. In our society people seemingly refuse to get ti know a person for the…show more content…
It really taught me a lesson on just how much it can effect someone if you were to racially discriminate against another them and also that you are not only directing the person who you’ve discriminated against, but also a whole society who is with that one person and feels the effects just as much as they have. I’ve learnt that bullying and discrimination against people for who they are, for any reason, is completley absurd. The book sent eye-opening and thought-provoking messages including never to judge someone because of their colour. I would never want the feeling of demoralising another human being just because of their skin tone or their race and because they may be a “lower class”, which is what the African Americans were subjected as in the 60’s. It has made me realise that I never want to be on the end of something like that, nor prejudging other people based on their outside appearance rather than what they have on the inside which just might be a whole lot more special. Presentley there are still hints of racism which is one of only few things that makes our world a miserable place. Making fun of people because of their race or their colour is not unheard of, however it is not nearly as bad as it was back in the 60’s when blacks where heavily discrminated. Mostly teenagers are found guilty of this, even if they are “joking” around it is
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