Prejudice And Discrimination In South Africa

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Discrimination is the treating a person differently, usually in a worse and more harsh way from the way in which you treat other people based on their gender, nationality, race and religion. Prejudice can be defined as unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling often based on insufficient thought or knowledge. It is a cultural attitude that based on negative stereotypes about individuals or groups of people also based on their race, religion as well as culture and ethnicity.
 What forms of prejudice and discrimination are you aware of in South Africa today?
Prejudice and discrimination are becoming more and more popular as the years pass by. In the 21st century it has become the norm to be prejudice and discriminate. It has become many people tasks and goals to try stop and prevent prejudice and discrimination, however no-one has succeeded yet. Most of the prejudice and discrimination that we come across or often hear being said is influenced by the older generations, they believe that’s how things have always been and should always be like. Prejudice and discrimination also comes from media and in some cases just cruel people trying to hurt others.

Examples of prejudice and discrimination in South Africa today include:
 Xenophobia: earlier this year there were attacks on foreigners that lived in South Africa. This form of discrimination is based on nationality.
 You often find that wealthy looking people or people that are richer are given better services in shops.

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