Prejudice And Racial Discrimination In Canada

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“I Have A Dream”
Centuries ago, the oppression of people of color was caused by racism and prejudice. The stigma of the topic still remains and acts show that racism still remains to be alive and well in today’s society. While activists may combat the issues at-hand of the existing racial discrimination, the dream has yet to be achieved. Using a percentage, only fifty percent is complete while the other half must require the cooperation of the people, media, and society as a whole. King’s dream consisted of hope, garnished with acceptance, kindness and a whole lot of love. This issue does not just deal with people of color, but also deals with people of all sexual orientations, backgrounds, and cultures.

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In a multicultural country, there are people who go to schools who are ethnically diverse and students are educated to be accepting to prevent this issue every escalating. However, there may be types of racism especially in certain neighbourhoods where one population could be known for a negative reason. In the provinces within Canada, an example of prejudice would be towards the Indigenous population in Winnipeg. The crisis is caused behind the unresolved murders of Indigenous girls and women in Canada. The government has funded little to none to conquer this widespread, especially with a lack of police forces. A minority of Canada’s still believe that the Native population should not receive more funding, however they are inept and unknowledgeable of the hardships on First Nation reserves. Due to a prejudice of the founding population and previous harsh treatment of residential schools, the relationship is strained and laws also do not treat equally according to statistics. Due to hopelessness and despair, suicide is approximately three times more common for the Aboriginal population, especially teens compared to the non-Aboriginal population. Another example would be in Nova Scotia where the community of black Canadians have faced blatant …show more content…

In the industries, profiling was a recurrent issue as some reports of security following and demanding to check for shoplifting compared to the non-colored population. In the global headlines, there have been reports of cops shooting unarmed or innocent black lives which started the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. An issue years ago that popped on the news was the horrific events of 9-11 which brought an increased bias view on terrorism and the link with people of the Islamic faith. Especially in the United States, both of these situations are brought up to the surface again by the political elections. A controversial candidate, Donald Trump has voiced his strong opinions on the eradication of immigrants of certain backgrounds and negativity to the whole situation. This has brought acts of hatred and views of disapproval to the certain group or individual. Due to this stigma, the everyday life of all people starts living in fear, especially the

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