Prejudice And Racism In Literature

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Racism in Literature is not the author or the work of the novel to be racist or not, it is use to describe a time of where whites were the superior race. Although racism is still around today we can agree that it is less violent than it was 20 years ago. In today society, we do not talk about every factor that has contributed to racism and we only think that African Americans were the only ones oppressed but that is not the case. Any race besides white has been neglected, the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and even the Muslim religion after 9/11, but even after the shooting at Columbine High School, no one was put off about the whites, they were still treated as normal, there was no prejudice against them. Literature shines light…show more content…
Instead of having a superior race, let us have a superior country, the main themes of these novels is the unity at the end. These novels show how compared to the past we are still not united as a country. The irony of America is a melting pot of different cultures is not true, if one does not fit the norm that was creates the will be back lash, not because of hate, but because of ignorance. Some works not recognized because critics do not think it is good enough, or it was board line racist; people do not want to talk about the truth of we still live in a racist society and writers are trying to educate us of a change instead of oppression. Authors create a fiction of reality to grab reader’s attention and show them the real world in a fantasy one, which causes the theme to be a lesson in disguise. However, the world is not ready for a change, we are still fighting each other for basic freedom, no longer race, or so we think. For blacks in America their still trying to fight for racial equality from equal paying job, to police enforcement. As a country and society, we need to take what is presented in literature and learn from it so we can grow together; not just in literature but in reality as
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