Prejudice And Racism In The 21st Century

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One of the biggest issues LGBTQ issues today is an issue people have been fighting against since colonial times, this issue is racism. Many of us have simply envisioned our lives with some imaginary person that we all think is out there. You know what I’m talking about, that fit, tall person with an amazing set of hair that we all dream about falling after. The problem is that for many of us, that person is always thought of to be white. This envisionment about the perfect person then becomes what many have called a “preference”. However, we’ve been so blinded by society that we believe that our “ preferences” cannot, in any way, be racist. The society that oppresses us into believing we are weird and inhuman has also impleteled racism into our own community.…show more content…
However it is when you click that you discover that their bio is full of sayings like “ no asians, no blacks, no wetbacks “. We have, in the 21st century, people in the LGBTQ community who believe that their “preference" about their future lover is in no way racist. Surely dismissing a person based on the color of their skin or distinct facial features as a potential partner can’t be racist. This close-mindedness has been promient in our community for a while now. However I believe that many people of color have taken on the age old fight against racism once again because there comes a time to say that enough is enough. Why should in a community that is viewed as taboo for simply loving someone of the same sex, should there be discrimination towards people of
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