Prejudice And Racism In The Film 'Crash'

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The movie Crash, shows the effects of racism and how someone can be traumatize in different ways. People who are trying to process a traumatic event can act out and not act normally, in till it finally builds up and they can finally understand it. Once a person has processed the event, they will finally start to act normally again and be themselves. During the time of processing the traumatic events, it important not to put blame on that person for their behaviors because it can make the situation worse.
The characters in the movie all experience some level of racism and trauma. There also high social tension between the characters, as their lives intertwine and collide with one another in the city of Los Angeles. Two of the characters are a Caucasian district attorney and his Caucasian wife. He uses race as an advantage politically and to make himself look better. His wife think she is not raciest with her stereotypical views. She believe that they
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Being culturally competence and socially diverse is important. As social worker we should understand how culture functions in our behaviors ad society. We should also be competence in the culture of our clients. Also, we should work to educate and be knowledge on social diversity and oppression. By understanding culture and social diversity, as social workers we can work toward making change and fight discrimination. This is why the ethical code of discrimination is important, social workers should be free of all forms of it in a work setting. By working toward ending discrimination and racism, the ethical code of social and political action is being applied. Respect for cultural and social diversity is being encouraged and promoted. Also, social justice is being promoted through this ethical
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