Social Justice: Prejudice And Discrimination

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Abstract The world becomes more and more culturally diverse each day. Due to the constant migration of immigrants in and out of the United States, it has become a melting pot of cultures. Meeting people of different cultures has become more and more common in many places and because of this it has sparked many social biases such as prejudice and discrimination, but primarily stereotyping. Race, age, gender, and ethnicity are all factors that go into the social biases. These social biases come in contact with people on a daily basis, whether it is universally or locally. Biased individuals believe the prejudices they are applying to others are right without regard for the truth. Prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination are all somewhat similar, but each form of bias is performed with a different focus. These detrimental encounters have impacted our society greatly. Social Justice: Stereotyping…show more content…
Despite this, it is also the most common. Whether you realize it or not we all use stereotypes occasionally without knowing it. Why do people stereotype though? The answer is simply human behavior. When you stereotype, you generalize about a group of people. To this group, stereotyping assigns a set of characteristics that are based on their appearance or on the assumptions of those who are stereotyping them. So by definition, anytime we see an image and immediately relate it to a group or person we are stereotyping. For example, usually when we think of good basketball players or exceptional athletes, we immediately associate that image with a black person. It becomes second nature to do this because of how frequently we are exposed to
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