Love In Pride And Prejudice

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During Jane Austen’s time in the 19th century, women have felt as if it was socially unacceptable to live a life, single. In ”Pride and Prejudice”, the author brings attention to this struggle when she opens the story with the first sentence. “It is a truth universally acknowledge, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife” (Austen 3). The word “marriage” has been put on a pedestal for numerous years. That does not mean that people who are married have ever lasting happiness. In countless cases in life, people have fallen in love almost instantly. People have also thought as if they fell in love, and do not even find what they want. The cases of Elizabeth, Jane, and Lydia Bennet, and Charlotte Lucas differ…show more content…
Elizabeth Bennet has a incredibly strong, and bold personality, unlike her sister, Jane, and not afraid to speak her mind truthfully, which she always does. Since the beginning, Elizabeth and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy have been in conflict. He did not fancy dancing with her since he thought of her as a person from a lower class, and not up to par. When Elizabeth had found out about what he really thought of her, she despised him, and everyone felt so too. They all thought that he was the most un-agreeable man. What Mr. Darcy had said offended her a lot, and made her bitter for quite some time. Thus, when he proposed to her, she rejected him. Later in the novel, Elizabeth visited Mr. Darcy’s estate and was marveled by the house. When Darcy’s housekeeper, Ms. Reynolds, had told Elizabeth that Mr. Darcy was actually genuinely a caring and loving person, she was starting to regret her rejection to Mr. Darcy’s proposal. Throughout the novel, they are brought closer together when Elizabeth starts to develop feelings for Mr. Darcy who still loved her even after the rejection. This shows how strong they have become by overcoming their differences and how solid their relationship will be. In the future, they will certainly have their ups and downs, however, they are certain to get through it. They are going to live happily together, and would revel in each other’s
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