Prejudice In 'The Skin I' M In

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Prejudice is very harmful , a type of bullying. Prejudice often leads to bad habits and depression. The book The Skin I’m In, written by award winning author Sharon G. Flake, is completely based on prejudice and how the protagonist recovers from her bad side. The protagonist in the book is Maleeka, a poor dark skinned girl. The perfect target for prejudice.Because of her physical traits Maleeka gets bullied by the “cool” kid Charlese and her sycophants. As Maleeka is a target for prejudice, she is taunted, bullied, and named all the time. To change who she is she hangs out with Charlese and her sycophants Raina and Raise. But avoiding Prejudice comes at a cost. She has to do Charlese’s and her sycophants homework in return. And Charlese is…show more content…
Maleeka makes the wrong choice, choosing Charlese to pull her out of prejudice. Charlese who takes a lot of stuff back, uses Maleeka to do all her dangerous work. As an instance when Charlese goes to wreck Mrs.Saunders’ room, she makes Maleeka burn up the room and take the blame.(Page 141) As Maleeka is very innocent and cares about saving Charlese who she thinks as her friend, and takes up the blame.(Page 149-150) Changing yourself is very hard, but avoiding your bad habits and ignoring people is easy. After she tries to change and fails, Maleeka choses to avoid and ignore the people who taunt her. After Maleeka reads what her dad wrote about her and what he used to think about his daughter, she changes herself.(Page 48-49) She starts to avoid Charlese and other people. The tide turns to her, she is no more judged the same way as she was judged before. That was some deep information about Prejudice and how it is used in the book The Skin I’m in .Prejudice is not a matter unless you feel strong about yourself, all you wanna be sure about is that you are the best and no one is better than you. No matter how slow you are going, as long as you don’t stop you will win. If Maleeka can change why can 't
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