Prejudice In The Sneetches

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Prejudice: Sneetches, Books, and Neurology Websters defines prejudice as “a preconceived judgement or opinion.” Prejudice is taking something, someone, or somewhere and judging from an opinion or the actions of one. A good example is the classic Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches. The star bellied Sneetches are prejudiced against the bare bellied Sneetches for their lack of a star. This prejudice has little to no basis and is simply an opinion of hatred by the star bellied Sneetches. At the book’s climax a man cheats the Sneetches out of their money due to their prejudices. This represents the toll prejudice takes on society. Prejudice is a large issue in today's very social society. Simple, non-hostile prejudices such as being against a book before
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