Feminism In Alice Walker's Meridian Analysis

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Alice Walker (1944- ) is considered as a writer who is the powerful woman at expressing political and social struggles on feminism. According to my perception, she has been named as a militant without weapon in order to bring equality for regarding inferior of black women in all the nations. Her vision consistently mirrors her concern with racial and political issues, particularly with the black woman's struggle for spiritual and political survival. Her political awareness, her Southern heritage, and her sense of the freedom made greatness into the revolution. Much of her writing reveals her concern for black women and their families. This paper, Prejudices on Feminism in Alice Walker’s Meridian focuses the fact that what we have not experienced on humanity so for.…show more content…
. . that tradition that is based on the monumental myth of black motherhood, a myth based on the true stories of sacrifice black mothers performed for their children .. . is ...restrictive, for it imposes a stereotype of Black women, a stereotype of strength that denies them choice and hardly admits of the many who were destroyed. (89) Things are worse for Meridian even from the beginning. Meridian thinks that her association with Eddie, his boy friend, will protect her from the lustful black men and save her from responding to the vulgar signals of her peers. To her, sex proves to be not a pleasure, but a sanctuary. In the end, she becomes a sex-pot for Eddie, and she becomes pregnant even while she is in school. Then Meridian discontinues her school studies and becomes an unwanted wife for Eddie and an unacceptable daughter-in-law for his mother. When the couple decides to be separated, the women of the community are shocked. They cannot even understand why Meridian should be sore about her life with Eddie just for being
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