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An achievement gap is essentially is the unequal distribution of educational results and benefits. The U.S gap is quite severe and are ranked in the middle to lower end when it comes to academics. While a lot of things contribute to this under funded or even no pre-K system is a big cause. A lot of learning goes on in that span of time as kids begin to grow and learn new things, and even though kids learn at their own pace their needs to be a place where kids come and start learning things together and a lot of times that’s in school. While there are a lot of great programs for kids a lot of times their are no pre-K and a lot of kids have to wait until kindergarten. This can be bad because once their kids that know how to read and write are mixed with kids that may not and teachers often have to start their. Which is when kids become frustrated and upset with themselves and others. However if you have a school system that has pre-K kids can learn together and understand things mostly at the same time. It is up to the…show more content…
pre-K is a great way for kids to play, learn, and become social, and this is what makes it so different from others grades. These kids need to incorporate learning into their play and they need a teacher that is understanding of that. and as an administrator they need to educate themselves of the complexity of the learning process of children that young so they can find a teacher that is suited and understands how the pre-k room functions.Which brings another point to attention that closes the achievement gap is only hire teachers that have experience with pre-K. A fourth grade teacher is not going to understand the dynamics of the preschool classroom, not even a first grade teacher could effectively teach pre-K. The pre-k teacher have been taught and trained and have experience with that young age group and know how to teach them at the right pace and understand how they
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