Premarital Sex In The Book Crank

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Ever wonder what the puritans thought about drugs, premarital sex, or swearing? In the book Crank, drugs are used by many of the characters. Much swearing is involved too. The puritans would despise the book, Crank, due to the law abiding citizens, weak family values, and a sinful living, The puritans would obliterate the book Crank because of the law abiding citizens. In the story, Bree, also known as Kristina, get introduced to crank (or meth) by Adam while staying with her dad in Albuquerque. Since she fell in love with Adam while staying with her dad, she went along with Adam and tried ‘the monster’. After returning from Albuquerque, Bre goes to a water park with her mom and sister for a little vacation. While at the water park, she meets Brendan, a lifeguard. They exchange numbers and soon after, Bre finds out he knows a hook…show more content…
A final reason why the puritans would abhor the book is because the characters lived a sinful living. In the book, Bre smokes cigarettes. It isn’t necessarily as drastic as meth, but it is still technically a drug. It just isn’t illegal. Smoking is a gross thing all together but with a girl constantly smoking tobacco, it’s even worse. Premarital sex is also a big red flag for the puritans. Bre gets raped by Brendan but soon after that, she has sex with Chase after claiming they love each other. Just because people think they love each other, doesn’t mean that’s the ‘O.K.’ to having sex before marriage. Soon after having sex with Chase, Bre finds out she is pregnant. Thinking it’s Chase’s child, she thinks back and starts to question if it’s Brendan’s child. When finding out it’s Brendan’s, she want to get an abortion. But after feeling the baby flutter in her belly, she decides to keep it. In the story, there is also very strong, explicit language. Every explicit word you can think of is used in Crank. If Bre was a puritan, she would get in a lot of trouble for her use of language. She would probably get her mouth washed out with

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