Premarriage Counseling Analysis

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Another treatment option for couples seeking premarriage counseling is a premarital inventory called the Premarital Preparation and Relationship Enhancement questionnaire (PREPARE). Couples take the 195-item questionnaire separately and then their answers are put into a computer, summarized, analyzed, and shown in a report. This report helps the counselor understand the couple’s relationship, as well as their strengths and potential growth areas. The counselor then meets with the couple in multiple sessions to discuss their results (Larson, Newell, Topham & Nichols, 2002). PREPARE assesses different areas of relationships such as marriage expectations, personality issues, communication, conflict resolution, financial management, leisure…show more content…
Although they are test results, these results should not make the couple determine if they should or shouldn’t get married. Instead the results are a way to start a conversation with the couple and counselor about their relationship. However, couples may decide after counseling that they do not wish to be married. Depending on which couple type they are, the counselor is able to use this to help with the sessions. The counselor will use communication exercises for assertiveness, active listening, and resolving couple conflict. They will also give feedback, and give detailed information about family of origin, financial management, and making their goals a reality using a PREPARE workbook. However, more intensive interventions will be necessary for the couples that score as conflicted. Through PREPARE couples should be able to acknowledge and work through conflict areas and differences before they are married (Larson, Newell, Topham & Nichols,…show more content…
The main goal of premarriage counseling is to help the couple become aware of their self, their partner, and their relationship. From this awareness, the couple can begin to learn tools to grow individually and together. It allows the couples to open up to each other and have meaningful discussions about all aspects of their relationship, the good as well as the bad. It helps them start conversations about issues they may have not been aware of or have not felt comfortable talking about. With the counselors help, they can then start to look for resolutions and work towed their goal of a happy and healthy

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