Premature Loss Case Study

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Premature loss could cause a problem on teeth positioning or size of the dental arch. A space that left by primary tooth could cause migration of the adjacent tooth. As the results, the space will be narrowed and undermines the eruption of permanent teeth. Permanent teeth will be erupted out of the dental arch, results crowded teeth or malocclusion, as an example premature loss of primary molar usualy followed by migration of first permanent molar to mesial seen six months after tooth extraction.1 (Pinkham, 2005).
Premature loss caused side effect towards jaws growth and development. Prevention and reduction of premature loss should be done to prevent malocclusion. The use of space maintainer and space regainer can be done to overcome premature
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Fixed space maintainer is the kind of space maintainer that always in patient’s mouth and could be removed only by the dentist.5 The commonly used fixed space maintainers are band and loop, crown and loop, lingual arch and distal…show more content…
The clinical student have to do twice insertion and control of space maintainer or space regainer after insertion. The device should still be used and controlled until the permanent tooth erupted. The evaluation of its usage until no more needed has not been done. As an operator, we have to inform and control the patients to always use the device. This study was to evaluate the usage of space maintainer or space regainer usage pst insertion in Pedodontic Installation RSGM FKG UNPAD. Based on the above, the writer would like to know the evaluation of patient’s obedience in the use of removable space maintainer or space regainer post insertion in Pedodontic Installation RSGM FKG UNPAD, because RSGM FKG UNPAD had a good Pedodontic Installation in Jawa Barat. It is expected that this minor thesis can provide useful information for dentistry.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate space maintainer or space regainer usage post insertion until the permanent tooth erupted in Pedodontic Installation RSGM FKG UNPAD so that the obtained data can be the material of clinical evaluation and as a recommendation for the improvement in

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