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Premier Sportsman, Inc., is compiled of generations of hunters. Growing up, I was given many opportunities to see what hunting, fishing and nature was all about. Later, as a husband, father and grandfather I discovered what it meant to have that perfect story. That perfect hunt, a guided trip, up in the hills with my buddies, in a drift boat on the Kenai or Columbia River... Creating and capturing memories are what is important to us at a Premier a Sportsman, Inc. We know nature, habitat, and how animals live. We have scouted them. We have stalked them. We know their movements, their demeanor. We have studied their tendencies and we place value on each person 's story. Creating and capturing memories are what is important to us…show more content…
Having worked as a custom cabinetry & finish carpenter, I always had an eye for detail and finish work that was typically missing in my trophies when I picked them up. I started doing taxidermy in 2005. I watched several training videos and read as much material as I could get my hands on. My cabinetry and finish carpentry experience of over 20 years only enhanced my already keen eye for detail and finish work. It did not take me long to discover that I had a lot to offer. It was during this time that I also realized the importance of being able to tan my own goods and the potential benefits this would offer to my future customers. Operating a full fledged custom tannery would allow me to produce a quality product while ensuring a timely completion date. No outside sourcing or wait lists necessary. I would be independent of an outside entity. Soon thereafter, I enrolled in formal training for taxidermy and custom tannery which has proven beneficial to my customers, hobbyist, taxidermist, and fur traders alike. Having formal training improves both the quality of product and turn around time. I have been and will continue to be committed to continuing my education, consultation, and competing in various competitions

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