Prenatal Care Benefits

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The benefits of prenatal care are ensuring the birth of a healthy baby with minimal risk for the mother. Some of the significant characteristics of prenatal care are to have an accurate age of the fetus and to recognize any prospective risk or complications for both the mother and the fetus. Also being comfortable to communicate with your healthcare provider and also being educated through the process of pregnancy. Prenatal care is monitoring the mother and fetus throughout the pregnancy. Some issues that arise for the mother can be high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and inadequate weight gain if untreated it can become harmful to the fetus. The fetus health and development has to be carefully monitored as well. The health care provider has to monitor the baby’s…show more content…
Also, when their time for labor begins you can avoid the hassle of taking a trip to the hospital. Also with a home birth, you can usually have a midwife personal that you have bonded with throughout your pregnancy to assist you and the newborn, which is defiantly a helpful source of an advantage. Lastly, when choosing a home birth it gives women the feeling of having control and making their own decisions about their own labor delivery.

The disadvantages of a home birth are that if there are complications that do occur then the patient then has to be transported to the hospital setting to get the help that is furthered needed for the mother to be and baby. An example would be of a complicated birth would be if the baby is a breech, umbilical cord prolapse or compression. Also, pain relief’s options become limited during a home birth; for example, a midwife is not qualified to the administrator an epidural (which is a drug that numbs your belly and legs it is effective for pain relief) that would require a qualified

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